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I only use MK batteries as I have found that they outlast any other brand. It is worth paying a bit more for good quality batteries. If you buy cheap brands online they will work but do not last as long, so often I go to customers who have fitted cheap batteries purchased online and they have failed after about 12 months. I replaced a set of 12Ah batteries recently that were purchased on Ebay from a company local to me, they are only 6 months old. As the custumer purchased the scooter used they do not have the receipt fot the batteries making it difficult to claim under warranty. 15 Pounds difference between the cheap ones and MK so no saving in the long term. 

PLEASE NOTE! I can only supply MK batteries to local customers, I cannot post them out so local delivery and collection only. Price includes fitting and covers a 25 mile radius of Eastbourne.


  • Completely absorbs electrolyte for spillproof design.
  • Sealed Absorbed Glass Mat technology.  Valve-regulated for efficient recombination.
  • Ultra premium sealing valve prevents capacity loss and controls pressure.
  • Fortified posts, straps and welds that resist vibration damage and maximize current transfer.
  • High density oxide provides maximum power-per-point "high cycling" service.
  • Less than 2% per month self-discharge means little deterioration during transport and storage.
  • Travel & ship easily. FAA, IATA, DOT and UPS approved.  Others may not be.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • Quality construction ensures consistent and reliable performance for long-term dependability.
  • Specialized valve design manufactured and tested in-house to 100% reliability.


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