The history of Active Days Mobility

UPDATED 31st  December 2018.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR JANUARY 2019 ONLY! GET A FULL SCOOTER, POWER CHAIR OR WHEELCHAIR SERVICE FOR JUST £25.00 . Area covered is 15 mile radius of Eastbourne. Usual price £40.00

Active Days Mobility was set up at the end of 2017. Having worked for Drive Devilbiss Healthcare as a manager I was made redundant after 5 years as they restructured the business. I went on to work at a local mobility company. It was then I realised people are paying far too much for what they are getting;  I saw customers with little money having to pay a lot for a simple call out or repair because they need their mobility aid working. 

I will always do my best for the customer and have worked on products some companies will avoid or charge a premium for. This includes off road Power-Chairs and Golf Buggies. I always do a thorough job as I avoid booking my days up too much to allow me time to focus on each job. I often get told that a scooter service took 20 minutes, it takes me at least an hour. You cannot service a Mobility Scooter properly in less than an hour. 

I have been trained by the following companies

  • Kymco
  • Electric Mobility
  • Drive
  • Prism


Please call the number above or my mobile number 07591 178399.

I am often out and about working so please do leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am unable to receive text messages at the moment so please call, I am happy to call you back to save your phone bill.

Friendly value for money service

 With a low call out charge of £20 you can be assured you are not going to pay a lot for me to visit you. The £20 includes 30 minutes labour and covers Eastbourne and within a 5 mile radius of it. If you are unsure about using a new company you can check the reviews people have left on Google and Facebook by searching Active Days Mobility Services

I am able to source some parts directly from manufacturers saving you money. One example: A customer went to the local mobility shop as they needed a new motor, the quote was £500. The customer was able to fit it so did not need the shop to do that part but it was still £500. I quoted the customer £170 for the same motor saving them £330! 

If you are looking for a part but cannot see it please message me as I have so many parts that have been removed from used scooters. I keep the parts as they often come in useful if people need them. I am also happy to help if you need some free advice or if you have started a job and are struggling to finish it.

Mobility Scooter Hire

I am able to offer the hire of Mobility Scooters, I only have a small amount so please try to book in advance where possible. The minimum hire period is 3 days at £35. 5 days £45 or 7 days at £55


Batteries are one of the most important parts on your scooter. I often find customers that have tried to save money by buying cheap batteries online, whilst I appreciate we need to save money where possible it is a false economy buying cheap batteries. I use MK batteries as they are the best out there. MK batteries are slightly more than some cheap brands but they will last you at least 2 - 3 times as long. MK are not twice or 3 times the amount of cheap batteries and in some cases it is a few pounds. Spend a bit more and get quality batteries!